Saul Steinberg and Inge Morath's Masquerade.

saul steinberg


Saul Steinberg masks

Masks by Saul Steinberg - Photo by Inge Morath.

Saul Steinberg-inge morath

Irving Penn - Saul Steinberg In Nose Mask (1966) #mask

saul steinberg

Girl in Bathtub, 1949 by saul steinberg

saul steinberg's last self-portrait

Saul Steinberg. I like how it is in black and white and also how you don't know what their expression is under the paper bags. This relates to my theme of disguise because they are disguising their emotions.

by Saul Steinberg and Inge Morath, 1959

Saul Steinberg

Saul Steinberg: “Masks” Photo by Inge Morath

Erwin Wurm

Ingeborg Morath photographs Over a period of several years Ingeborg Morath collaborated with Saul Steinberg on a series of portraits, inviting individuals and groups of people to pose for Morath wearing Steinberg’s masks.

Saul Steinberg and his feline companion

Saul Steinberg - Paper masks

Elaine de Kooning in her Manhattan studio

Martin Gusinde, Selk'nam man dressed for Hain Cerimony, 1923