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You know, this is true. I'm all "my life is so hard" but seriously, my six year old thinks I'm freaking Superwoman for the things he sees me do every day. I love that. I hear him bragging about the things I did when my husband comes home and I think it's just so sweet. Those are important values he's learning, too.

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A Daily Reminder for Moms: Taking care of yourself IS part of taking care of your kids.


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responsibility and discipline are good for kids.. its not always about easy love, tough love is good for them too. our boys may not like our rules now or when they're teens but i'm sure they'll appreciate it and be thankful when they're older just like i did.

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Four Things You Can't Recover

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Choose Your Friends By Who They Are and How They Make You Feel!! Because In The End It Doesn't Matter How The Dressed or How Popular They Were, Its How Much They Were There For You and All The Good Times You Had:) Make Wise Choices Life is To Short To have Regrets!

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