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How to Make Killer Cockroach Bait

by Kimberly Johnson
Cockroaches are a common pest problem both inside and outside residential homes. Not only are the insects disgusting, but cockroaches also carry and transmit a number of diseases. While there are many commercial baits and poisons available to kill cockroaches, you can make you own killer cockroach b...

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Equal parts boric acid/baking soda, sugar, water will get rid of roaches within 2 weeks! Place the paste in areas that the roaches reside; they eat the toxic paste and also carry some of it back to their "home."

❤ Share this powerful essential oil formula with your roach hating friends. They will thank you for it! ❤

The American cockroach is the largest of the house-infesting cockroaches. They prefer dark, warm and damp areas like sprinkler valve boxes and flower beds. However, during extremes in weather conditions they will wander indoors for food and water.

Homemade Roach Killer (nasty, yes, but in the south there are bound to be cockroaches)

"Killing Little Ants Naturally" We too have been fighting the little pests and I just wish I would have found this post about 4 weeks earlier. Good Bye Ants--I hope!

Homemade Ant Bait, Repellants & Sprays. LOTS of recipes using various things (vinegar, essential oils, borax & peanut butter, yeast, cucumber peels, spices, etc.)

  • Paula Atkinson

    can I mix vinegar and borax? I thought with cats that laying down borax might not be good whereas if I mixed it in a liquid it might stick to the house foundation and deter the ants.

  • Judy E

    Ants like sweets, I mix the borax with powdered sugar & water & put the mixture in glass jars with holes poked in the lids with an ice pick. Lay the jars on their sides so the ants can get in & carry the poison out, but animals can't get in to it. Works in the garden too & keeps borax from getting in to the soil. I've mixed borax with jelly or peanut butter too. I think vinegar is more of a repellant.

  • Judy E

    I've also put corn meal piles out where I've seen ants, it's supposed to kill the colony, seems to work, and is safe for pets.

  • jay

    FLOUR - any flour, could be cream of wheat or similar. Enough for them to eat/take to their nest. It expends in their digestive system and they die. This is proven with great results. No need to buy something you don't have at home already.

  • Judy E

    good to know! thanks

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