Rebecca Morris

Amazing art with brown packaging tape. (I justhave to pin this, I don't care that this is not drawn)

#ravenectar #art #installation #modern #contemporary #design

Odilon Redon, Haunting, 1893 - 94

mia christopher

Art: Textiles ~ African tree

Wonil Suh

LinedWoodPaper, via Flickr.

lili scratchy art

mia christopher

That's a sculpture

Samantha Cotterill, childern, illustration, funny, colour, retro, too cold, food, editorial, design

Guten Rutsch! Doris Freigofas

養巷人 ◎方路 Inca Pan

wall art

Art nouveau

Pablo Picasso - Bust of a Woman, 1941

"Superstar" Scott Bergey

Karl Benjamin Abstraction, 1955 Oil on canvas

street art

Granadina, 1914, by Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa