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don madden

Pablo Picasso: "Face", Pitcher White earthware clay, decoration in engobes, glaze inside, red, black. Madoura, Vallauris.

Plaque 6 Lavander and Sage - Shirley Vauvelle

Carving. New form.

katherine wheeler | ceramic I'm very inspired by this artist. Visit her blog, it is fun.

Recipe Name: Turquoise Matte Cone: 6 Color: Blue Green Firing: Oxidation Surface: Matte Amount Ingredient 61.5 Nepheline Syenite 20.9 Strontium Carbonate 6.6 Ball Clay--Old Mine #4 7.7 Silica 3.3 Lithium Carbonate 100 Total Additives 3.5 Copper Carbonate 4 Bentonite

a gathering

Great inexpensive drape mold idea for platters! HAHA! I've NEVER seen it done like this, but it works!!!sw

Handbuilding Pottery Projects Ideas and Pictures | Art Studio in Stamford CT

from claymonster

Jeff Blandford centering 300 pounds of clay!

Mary Fox | Earthenware: Lithium compound, Oxidation

Oe Kenichi

art nouveau style vase in clay

Stephen Booth, Canada

Weights of Clay Needed For Ware Sizes

clay constructions by Kevin Snipes

Julie Olson - Rectangular Hinged Box | Julie Olson is a Piedmont Crafstmen exhibiting member in clay : http://piedmontcraftsmen.org/artist/julie-olson/

Daphne Corregan | Carriers, 37 in. (94 cm) in height, stoneware, raku, and smoked clay, 2009.

Keramiek art