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Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro. A bawdy music and dance festival you say? Carnival in beautiful Rio de Janeiro is decidedly that, albeit of a different colour. Or colours that is, if anyone has seen the ornate and lavish costumes. The theme here is samba, samba, samba and a more titanic celebration there could not be.

Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro

Party at Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for Carnaval.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil

10 Awesome International Celebrations You May Not Know About

Carnival (Carnaval) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil:

Carnival, Rio de Janeiro Samba Schools enchanting the public.

Carnaval de Rio Rio Carnival brasil brazil rio de janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Photos at Frommer's - Samba schools at Sambodromo for Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval.