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    • Misha Aguilar

      That is true of me. Four to Six miles, feel great after and have more energy to tackle the day. It also is a great way to build muscles and stay trim and fit. :)

    • Anastasia Holbrook

      Sappy but exactly how I feel with a 4 mile coming up tomorrow. So glad that I've gotten to that point where 4 is a 'short' run.

    • Amy Huang

      Currently at the beginning of training for my second half marathon, and 4 miles still scares me. Can't wait till I can say it's a short run!

    • Kari Dolan

      this is so true! Love saying that I'll go for a "short 4 mile run" :)

    • Kelsey Harney

      My lifeeeee!! Marathon training will get you up there real fast!

    • Emily Gallant

      i finally get to say this and it makes me so happy haha

    • Larisa Lee

      Life of cross country . 4 miles is nothing

    • Brittany Cook

      Maybe someday I can say this!!

    • Kayla Purcell

      Half Marathon Training

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