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Dianne Koppisch Hricko, Summer 2008 13 x 8 inches Fused, appliquéd and stitched commercially dyed dupioni and hand dyed remnants on silk organza hand dyed with MX d...

Could do this as a watercolor experiment/study in understanding how colors mix and/or values work.

Texture at the edge of the champagne pool - Wai-o-tapu thermal wonderland, New Zealand - Blue, green, yellow, orange stone - By Jessica Rosenkrantz via Flickr

Breast plates in ancient times were made of bone. They were used as a shield to protect vital organs. They were mostly worn by charioteers in battle.

By piXelero. I really like this, but I couldn't tell you why.

Rust | さび | Rouille | ржавчина | Ruggine | Herrumbre | Chip | Decay | Metal | Corrosion | Tarnish | Texture | Colors | Contrast | Patina | Decay |

watercolour, doing something similar when i get home, but maybe w/ a straw & blow the dots?

Emma McNally; untitled 2012, digital (from graphite on paper drawing) colour note 1.

Blue | Blau | Bleu | Azul | Blå | Azul | 蓝色 | Color | Form | Texture | Indigo on bamboo.