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  • Creative Impact

    Once in a Blue Moon... A Blue Moon Comes Out Every Few Years...And Neil Armstrong's Funeral. #NeilArmstrong #BlueMoon #GraphicDesign #inspiring http://DESIGNativity.ME

  • Ali P

    Good Guy, Blue Moon. RIP Neil Armstrong

  • Thomas :L

    Blue moon means 2 full moons in 1 month. This is actually really cool.

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There’s a name for people with an interest in the moon. They’re called lunatics. Anthony Horowitz (via alluringsea)

La luna representa la innovación de Los Estados Unidos. Los americanos son inteligentes y poderosos. Nosotros aterrizamos en la luna antes de todos los otros países.

Moon, Night, Sea, Mountain

“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” - Mary Anne Radmacher

Simple Everyday Glamour: When Witches Go Riding....

"If planets were in the place of the moon…" all i could think was that the changes in gravitational pull would probably destroy us... Oh, and that's pretty

Solar eclipse from the Moon • "Earth is surrounded with a red-tinted haze as sunlight streams through the planet's dusty atmosphere." • composite illustration: Hana Gartstein

HowStuffWorks "Moon Phases". I like that it actually shows the Sun's shadow so students can understand how this works!

Makes me think of when I was 19 and the ocean in Pensacola the last night we were there. Boones Farm Strawberry wine.

That last comment was what I was thinking. Moonsickness = werewolf?a nd then it made me think of the Buffy ep Phases where everyone finds out Oz is a werewolf and Willow still wants to date him and says, "hey! A couple of days out of the month I'm not so great to be around either!"

How to draw a moon... I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.

  • Kate van der Vegt

    That's actually not the case. Which way the crescent points is actually dependent on whether or not the moon is waxing or waning in it's cycle.

  • Dee Benden

    But, whichever phase it is in - the white part is on the side toward the sun - that's what I always think about.

  • Katelyn La Manna🐳

    No, as the moon makes a revolution around the earth, the sun shines differently on it, making it seem as if the moon is shrinking and growing.

  • Lisa Benden

    Ya, we are seeing the moon from different angles (relative to the sun).

  • Dee Benden

    Thanks Kate, Katelyn and Lisa... I'm glad there are others who take an interest!

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