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    Benefits to Dry Skin Brushing Removes dead skin cells and unclog pores, leaving skin very soft. Leaves skin more receptive to moisturizers a...

    Dry brushing eliminates toxins and makes your skin look amazing, I want to try this, it would help with the keratosis pilaris I get on my arms

    Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing: A simple and easy way to a more beautiful, healthy body.

    What if I told you there's a simple wellness trick that only takes five minutes a day, costs nothing, and helps cleanse your body, inside and out? Dry skin brushing has a number of health benefits

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    Glowing Skin Care Tips: I’ve listed a couple of tried and tested remedy that you could try for Glowing Skin :)

    Benefits of Honey for Skin

    SKIN CARE - Natural skin care remedies

    Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing: A simple and easy way to a more beautiful, healthy body.

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    DIY Shealoe Butter for Hair and Skin

    DRY SKIN BRUSHING - Dry skin brushing may be the single most important therapy you add to your detox program. Your skin is your largest elimination organ. It releases a pound of waste each day and will be the first organ to show symptoms of imbalance or toxicity. The skin is often called the 3rd kidney because it eliminates a quarter of the toxins from the body (the lungs are the 2nd kidney).

    Natural Skin Care with the Oil Cleansing Method

    Even dry flaky skin that peels off like dry glue can be rescued with this gentle and cooling cucumber face mask. For extra moisture, add in coconut or olive oil.

    Honey Cleansing: Wash face with honey for clear skin!

    DIY Underarm Lightening - Simple technique to remove dead skin cells and lighten the skin. Works great on underarms and knees.

    How to Remove Deep Blackheads from Nose and Skin

    Salt Sea Spray for Healthy Skin

    Have you tried rosehip oil? It does amazing things for dry skin and fine lines and wrinkles!! Simply apply a few drops to face before bed each night. Super simple! click image for info on where to buy

    5 Tips to Know Before Dry Brushing