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food fashion art mixed fruits / Gretchen Röehrs


El Anatsui __ photo by "Tribal Trappings" blogger at the National Museum of African Art (Smithsonian). Large "cloth" made of metal strips from the necks & tops of liquor bottles. "The rich metallic color brings to mind Ghana's famous goldsmith traditions... its composition of strips gives a nod to the strip-woven cloth of Ghana, called 'kente.'" _ El Anatsui was born in Ghana, but lives & teaches in Nigeria since 1975.

Jenny Sabin Studio | Branching Morphogenesis | 75,000 zip-ties

Polish street artist NeSpoon's lace installation

Polish street artist NeSpoon's lace installation

Ring installation by Arnaud Lapierre distorts and reconstructs reality through the layering of reflections and voids. The cylindrical environment warps visitors' perception of space into a simultaneously reconstructed and deconstructed reality.

el anatsui awarded golden lion for lifetime achievement of the venice art biennale

Korean artist Kimsooja’s installation at Madrid’s Palacio de Cristal bathed the space in rainbows.

Lars Christensen - acrylic / paper

Unframed: Tapestries of Trash by El Anatsui in featured art Category

Unframed: Tapestries of Trash by El Anatsui

FREI OTTO: Umbrellas for Pink Floyd’s 1977 concert tour of the United States, 1977

Leslie Pearson .."Cells" by Leslie Pearson - mixed media - gut, wire, photographs on paper

There is something so captivating about this woolen string installation by artist Chiharu Shiota.


El Anatsui

Flower installation

Desert Daydreams, A Child's World - a permanent collaged mural in a classroom at the El Camino Real Elementary School in the South Valley in Albuquerque. A collaboration between Monique Janssen-Belitz and the 5th grade students in Mr. Eppie Lopez's class.

3D Illustrations by Victor Nunes

3D Illustrations by Victor Nunes

Kelsey Lee Offield

A Beginning Before the End - Liz Tran

Katarzina Jozefowicz