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Norma Starszakowna


Norma Starszakowna SITF 2010 by Stroud International Textiles, via Flickr

Hannah Lamb: Patches - Patching together fragments of memories - moments in time. #patchwork

Book Installation Detail by Yeshiva University Museum Exhibitions, via Flickr

Petit Dessin 6 by franswazz, via Flickr

// jacob hashimoto +

Collagraphs, made from mat board, carborundum and tissue - inked a la poupee, wiped intaglio style, and printed.... http://www.belindadelpesco.blogspot.com

paper and threads

Su Blackwell ~ "While you were Sleeping" (2004) *fabric* "A cotton dress disintegrates as it becomes...a cloud of butterflies. ...inspired by the Burmese legend of the win-laik-pya or 'soul butterfly'...that flies abroad when its owner is asleep... through time and space, meeting other soul-butterflies... and returning when the owner awakes." via sublackwell.co.uk | Portfolio Installations

Janet Searfoss batiks

Cecile Dachary

jacob hashimoto

Mixed media acrylic painting on wood by Erin Ashley

dots, fullstops, bullet points collage. cut out of newspapers

Alicia Torney . . detail

Small Box Painting 1086 Original Oil Painting by hiroshimatsumoto

masha ryskin, Fossil, intaglio, litho, teabags, 13 in x 50 in

joanne arnett | woven mugshots

Sarah Maloney Skin, 2011 Glass beads and thread Collection of the artist

phillipa leith