• S Crownover

    BATH BOMBS~ Mix 1 c.citric acid 2 c. baking soda 1 ½ cup cornstarch ½ cup Epsom salt Constantly stir dry mix w/ whisk & drizzle in 2-4 tbsp water until mixture clumps together If you see fizzing, it means there is too much water in one area & you should stir that area quickly to distribute out moisture Add enough water so mix holds together when you squeeze it in your hands Add few drops food coloring to shade Add essential oil a drop at a time Firmly pack Pop out Dry

  • Rachel Piboontum

    Bath Bomb DIY

  • Liz Larson

    bath bomb gifts

  • BCkids Rock83

    Bath bombs are so cool. Basically, you’re doing a chemistry experiment in the name of Spa Day. How could anyone not like that combo? They also make great gifts (hint! hint!) and kids love them.

  • Erin Weilert

    Homemade fizzy bath bombs

  • Brittney Jacob

    DIY Bath Bombs

  • Chelsea Burroughs

    good bath bomb recipe

  • Margaret Johnston

    Homemade bath bombs -- awesome stocking stuffer idea if I have time.

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