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    Coops So Good, We (Almost) Wish We Were Chickens

    by Miranda-Jones
    These days, the life of a chicken has potential to be pretty grand, especially if you are lucky enough to live in a sweet pad. We found 13 that are so cute, you will have a hard time believing that they are FCO (for chickens only)!
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    Chickens make better compost than you do. And they give you eggs.

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    Cute Chicken Coops

    Sweet coop!

    Cutest coop ever! Love this!

    That's not a coop, that's a palace!

    Another great example of the Garden Coop

    Hen House and Greenhouse Duplex

    Pallet Coop

    Delegate your composting! Let the hens do the hard work!

    Such an easy way to contain the deep litter in the coop I'm embarrassed I didn't think of it on my own!

    Got a big flock? Buckets can be used as nesting boxes. The nice thing is, these are very easy to clean.

    DIY Chicken Salad Bar for chickens!

    You know how this happened, right? "No, honey, I think 3 chickens would be perfect." Next year: "Maybe add to the flock, dear? Just a few more...I'm thinking 6 hens." Year after: "How about 14? Think of the eggs. Oh, we'll just put on a little addition to the coop!"

    This coop brought to you by the people who paint Starbucks. Earth tones, baby, earth tones!