Vegetable garden design

Kitchen vegetable garden | jardin potager | bauerngarten | Kerschhaggl Heinz, Stranach, LUNGAU

Knot Garden Design with herbs and flowers

Based on permaculture principles using curves instead of straight lines. Some argue that this is more efficient layout for vegetable gardens. Mandala Garden Design

Kitchen Garden Designs

building a potager garden - a smaller (much) version of this is what I'm dreaming of!!!

Insp. for small Herb Garden Outside Kitchen ( herb and vegetable garden parterre - Hinton House, Bibury)

vegetable Garden layout - for small spaces

Garden Design

A kitchen garden, or a potager, is a French-style ornamental kitchen garden. It is generally planned for a small space and formal in design, with mostly vegetables and fruit and some cut flowers. Let's explore!

How to Plan your Vegetable and Herb Garden

kitchen garden design

This garden design is stunning and simple. The gorgeous green seating area, the beautiful stone section and the perfectly laid out path.


Vegetable Garden Design

vegetable garden

Love this herb garden design