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    Differences between a typical orchard and a Food Forest? An orchard is usually just the fruit or nut trees. A Food Forest is a whole system that incorporates food-producing plants like berries and tubers between and under the canopy of trees. These dynamic systems also include plants that attract beneficial insects and build healthy soil. In this way a Food Forest becomes a self-organized system providing for its own pollination, pest management, and soil health.

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    Build, don't remove! Stop ripping up your lawn to grow veggies, instead mimic nature's most fertile plains by building organic matter on top of that "grassland" and creating "Mollisols". For the weed-paranoid, lay down cardboard, then add soil and organic matter. It doesn't have to be an elaborate "lasagna bed" to be functional and ideal. | NWedible

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Herbs help us create healthier garden ecosystems and reduce the amount of work, allowing us to have more time to sit and enjoy our garden! Herbs will fertilize, attract pollinators and beneficial insects, provide mulch, and deter pests.