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    How to make and freeze guacamole!

    How to Freeze Raspberries and Blackberries Properly

    All Day Apple Butter | "I've used this recipe for several years. So good and it freezes very well. Used a potato masher to make the mixture more smooth. Think I'll try the honey this year."

    Can you freeze cream cheese?

    I was at the store to pick up milk before heading into the April Eat From The Larder Challenge and there was a screaming good deal on organic avocados. At $5 for 6 avocados I'll admit I did sort of...

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    Guacamole, corn and feta cheese

    Freezing foods is a great way to buy things on sale and preserve them for later. Most foods can be frozen with no problems. It is important to note that some foods need preparation before being placed in the freezer. Other foods don’t freeze well under any circumstances. See a full list of foods to freeze and not to freeze.

    How To Freeze Tomatoes - Would you like to save some of that summer bounty for use over the winter? Learn how to freeze tomatoes for a change of pace from canned tomatoes. www.annsentitledl...

    Do-It-Yourself Guacamole Bar - Make your own guacamole bar and have fun taste-testing the options! Great party idea that everyone loves!

    How to freeze guacamole (or smashed avocado) -- yes, it works, it's easy, and economical! Stockpile avocados on sale and fill up your freezer with the tips in this simple recipe ready photo tutorial. Viva la Guacamole! |

    Things To Freeze

    Cajun Shrimp Guacamole

    Guacamole Deviled Stuff Eggs #snacks #holidays #thanksgiving

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    Blue Cheese Guacamole Stuffed Mushrooms with Buffalo Sauce |