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Pineapple Candy Chips | Eat Nourishing


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Strawberries dried in the oven...taste like candy but are healthy and natural. 3 hours at 210 degrees.

Common Sense Homesteadingfrom Common Sense Homesteading

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Naturally Sweetened Zucchini Gummy Candy Recipe - Tastes like commercial gummy treats with no artificial flavors, colors or refined sugar.

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dehydrated watermelon!


Winter Recipes: Torrone: Italian Nougat Candy

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A recipe for Italian nougat candy, or torrone, that is perfect for holidays or to enjoy any time. Made up of honey, egg whites and toasted nuts.

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dehydrated pears, just like candy

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Cowboy Candy - 1 Lbs fresh various peppers sliced 2/3 cup cider vinegar 2 cups sugar 2 tablespoons mustard seed 1/4 teaspoon celery seed 1tablespoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper Slice peppers into rings. Mix cider vinegar, sugar, celery seed, garlic, and cayenne to boil. Reduce for 5 minutes to a simmer. Add jalapenos at the simmer for 5 minutes more. Load jars with jalapenos then add liquid leaving 1/4 headspace. Process 15 min in water bath. makes 2 pints

Premeditated Leftoversfrom Premeditated Leftovers

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How to get started dehydrating food: equipment, preparation, what you can dehydrate, rehydration. | Premeditated Leftovers

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Super Easy Pineapple Chips - These are CRAZY easy to make and only take a few minutes to prep.

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dehydrated pineapple

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blackberry lemon goat cheese squares -- these are delicious and very little work! if you're in a rush you can use flavored goat cheese instead of adding lemon and honey. adorable party treat or light dessert >> These look amazing!

Mama Kautzfrom Mama Kautz

How to dehydrate garlic

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How to dehydrate garlic yourself

Vegetarian Timesfrom Vegetarian Times

Rosemary Sweet Potato Chips

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Rosemary Sweet

Sweet Potato Chip in dehydrator

The Coupon Projectfrom The Coupon Project

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How to Can Pineapple. >>>> Canning is a little like painting a room. You’re initially excited about the process and you may even start with gusto, but at some point you realize there’s a bit of monotony involved. But at the end you stand back and admire your work and decide it was all worth it. And then you plan your next project.

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Dehydrating Food: A great site for information on dehydrating foods, especially for backpacking. It's also good for Prepping

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The Homestead Survival | How To Dehydrate Milk For Long Term Food Storage | Homesteading