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The best tutorial on continuous bias binding. Ever. I've used this a million times and it has worked perfectly every time.  And the calculations on yardage requirements are priceless. LOVE THIS!

The Dread Pirate Rodgers Continous Bias Page. easiest instructions yet for cutting strips to make bias tape

how to cut a continuous bias strip.  i always forget how to do this!

Summer Sewing ~ Perfectly Portable Cushion

This shows how to make bias binding with very little fabric- Summer Sewing ~ Perfectly Portable Cushion

Easy to follow steps for making continuous bias binding tape from a square of fabric. No more fiddly sewing strips together.

Making continuous bias binding tape

Have fun making continuous bias binding! How to turn a square of fabric into a big pile of continuous bias tape without any fiddly sewing strips together.

How to make one CONTINUOUS strip of bias tape (from one square of fabric). Customize your projects with handmade bias tape.

Cut a CONTINUOUS strip of BIAS TAPE (from one square of fabric) Ooooh, today I have a sewing tip for you……and it’s pretty darn cool! Also, it’ll save you some money (less fabric waste) and make your

How to make 26 types of pockets.  Everything is better with pockets.

25 pocket tutorials - bookmarked under "Recently Bookmarked" Ikat bag, a.pocketful of skyd

Make any fabric look braided :)

Ruching – A french tutorial

#DIY hanging hand towel tutorial!  Quick, easy, and cute!

~ DIY Hanging Hand Towel Tutorial ~ Great solution to the 'dry your hands, and lose the towel on the floor' dilemma!