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This is my tattoo inspired by Ophelia, my favourite Shakespearean character. I chose to get a skull, representing her death (and a momento mori for me) and the meaningful flowers she mentions before she dies: rosemary, rue, pansy,columbine, English daisy, violet and fennel.    Done by Heather Myles, Inksmith Tattoos, CAN.

This tattoo is dedicated to my favourite Shakespeare character, Ophelia from Hamlet. The skull is my own momento mori and signifies her death. The flowers that surround the skull are the ones she mentions before she drowns;


Worm from The Labyrinth Done by Elijah Birtel at Electric City Tattoo AWWW

3 daisies tattoo

Amony the flower tattoos, daisy designs have the most colorful patterns. You can find daisy tattoos of various colors by many people. Whether the original yellow or the special blue, colorful daisy tattoos are prevail all over the world.

this is an amazing tattoo

I'm a little obsessed with matryoshka doll tattoos at the moment (which accompanies and has grown from my obsession with the actual dolls too).