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    • JeN SoRnBeRgER

      So true!!!! Biggest pet peeve! and also bikes right when it's rush hour to cock block the 90 cars behind them and not even caring....

    • Angie Wagner

      When I'm in a car, I hate pedestrians. When I'm walking, I hate cars. But no matter what, I ALWAYS hate cyclists. << And THAT is a fact.

    • Ashley Dalton

      Hah. Haha. Hahahahahaha! It's funny because it's true... and I usually give them the benefit of the doubt, but then I see an idiot threading through the lines of cars at a red light and then cruising on through the intersection...

    • Jo D

      LMAO This is SO true! No common courtesy extended to people driving cars that have to share the road with them and millions of tax payer dollars wasted on bike paths that they will never use. Agghhh!

    • Sandy Hart Long

      Yes! This Pisses me off!!!!! Oh its a red light? Ill just wiggle my way between cars and get through.

    • RachelW

      SO TRUE! I hate to say it but cyclists on roads, riding along as if they are cars, annoy me to no end. Use a bike path!

    • Aunt LoLo

      YES!! (Expects to be treated like a car...) I get it - it's hard to start and stop a bike on Seattle hills. But...seriously. I'm terrified sharing the road with bicycles.

    • Monique Lobb

      ode to the red deer bike lanes ... almost died laughing !

    • Arielle Pettus

      Hate bikers on the road!!!!

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