21 pictures that will restore your faith in Humanity...absolutely precious.

Random acts of kindness.

Faith In Humanity Restored – 28 Pics

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Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness/courage : Faith in Humanity restored...Humanity isn't all lost in this world. In this world, where people don't have enough time to take a look at other people's sorrows and thinks best to just let it pass, where greed and corruption has corrupted the minds of the youth it does take courage to show some acts of kindness to people who need them. Let these 25 pictures be of some motivation for you and to me to do something good for some one else.

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21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

Faith in humanity:restored.

Stephen Covey - 12 Things Happy People Do Differently...

An anthropologistproposed a gameto the children ofan African tribe.He puta basket offruitnear a treeand told themthatwhoevercame firstwould winall the fruit.Whengiventhe signalto run,the childrenheld handsand ran, sittingdown togetherto enjoy theprize. Whenasked whythey had run together, ifonlyonecould getall the fruit, th


Dump A Day Faith In Humanity Restored - 20 Pics. On a side note, this person's handwriting looks like mine

Women of God...

Love, love, love this. Lord, please remind me of this every single day. This makes me cry.

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Had to share...Parenting done right...Faith In Humanity Restored