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This Stetson ad from the reminds us why fashion hats help a man dress up.


This was a man's coat. Now- I declare it ours. Man's Coat, c. Silk damask Made in England Artist/maker unknown, English


"Off we go to our weekend at the remote cabin for a private getaway, without telling our friends, so we can celebrate the million I just made in the stock market. Say, what is that? A bassoon, you say? I didn& know you played.

You Should Probably Compare Yourself To Others More, Not Less: Comparing yourself to others is frowned upon because it leads to envy, but even that can be productive.

You Should Probably Compare Yourself To Others More, Not Less

Business innovation: How to make social comparison work for you. Here are a few research-backed ways to do that and why.

Artiste ? http://www.demotivateur.fr/article/savez-vous-vraiment-a-quoi-servent-ces-petits-rivets-en-cuir-sur-les-jeans-decouvrez-l-anecdote-a-l-origine-du-vetement-le-plus-populaire-du-monde-5509

This is Levi's original logo which is still used on clothing to this day, although the logo looks very dated it works because Levi pride themselves in good quality merchandise which it has kept up through the many years it has been established.

Palm Beach Suits Ad  I like this add because it shows different silhouettes, and the slight differences between age within the fashion.

Hard to understand now, but the boater was one of the main every day hats of the through as much as the fedora or homburg. Boaters could be worn to work with your work suite, not just weekends. FOR WEBER