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    • the bendigo lab

      Ha ha... I wonder if his friends still give him a hard time about this. | funny stuff

    • Maribel Obenza

      Epic Fail. Before going down the hole make sure the hole is bigger around than you... (it's okay to giggle if he did get out, right?)

    • Sarah Tackett

      OMG - I would have a serious panic attack. Not that I would do something this stupid in the first place!

    • Denise Shelton

      I can't stop laughing ...just saying good thing I didn't see this in real life

    • DominiqueR5

      Can't stop laughing how did he even get in there in the first place? LMAO

    • Ava Estes

      Funny thing is, I have seen something like this happen.

    • Megan Evans

      This is giving me a panic attack just looking at it.

    • Carlene Widmer

      I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time

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    sucks to suck lol

    Read the comment then stare at the picture, let the hilarity commence!

    glad I'm at my age.

    Truth in advertising ▓ Fail.



    Well...that escalated quickly.





    Bra size- 44L (for long) - Granny, please cover yourself!!

    I failed too...

    School buses in Japan.

    Fail lol

    I wish our teachers did this-maybe then there would be more A's

    Adults Stuck In Playground Equipment



    HaHAHA! Robyn Henry