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    It's just a small sandwich... Thanks Sheldon! #BigBangTheory #Bazinga #Quotes

  • Evon Osburn

    another funny meme

  • Karen Collins

    Cooper Sheldon Science Quotes | images of big bang theory sheldon cooper quotes1 vitamin ha wallpaper...I love Sheldon!

  • Don Lucas

    15 Funny Quotes and Pictures from Big Bang Theory

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Wtf fun facts

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These charming necklaces are stamped with hearts and tiny dots connecting them together. They're perfect for military families, kids away from home, long distance relationships and even sending your 'babies' back to school.


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I've been applying this mindset to work... funny its not really working :/

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Go dad! DAD OF THE YEAR!!!

that moment when pinterest is relevant to the class you are goofing off in o.O

Chrisy Harmon Relay Idea!

Unfortunately the American people do not live in a direct democracy. Instead, we elect individuals who are SUPPOSED to represent their constituents views, needs, and word in their best interests. Our elected representatives are basically refusing to work. Their actions are jeopardizing not only jobs but the fundamental working of or government. This is what I propose...let's unite and call for all the states to remove ALL elected officials refusing to "work" and call for special elections to replace them. Keep in mind these men and women are still being paid...the people who's lives are effected by the government shut down are not. Thank you.

Something to think about.


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DIY picture hanger--smart!


Sad but true sometimes!!!

i find this brilliantly amusing. Adult juice boxes! bag o' (vodka) lemonade -Oh the possibilities!!!

The proper way to set a table.


How colours impact on the way we feel & behave.