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  • Erica Angeloff

    Friends and Hunger Games Humor Team Gale!

  • Kerri D'Ambrosio

    So Team Peeta, but how can I not love a meme that combines Hunger Games and Friends?

  • Jordan Chen

    Friends and Hunger Games Humor. Two of my favorite things!

  • Bianca Provencal

    Although I am on Team Peeta, this is so true! I also find myself wanting to shout random things at the movie theatre! :)

  • Chelsey Hornbuckle

    Friends and Hunger Games Humor! Haha, how I felt at first, but by the end... Those books were sooooo freakin good!

  • Vikky Mosier

    my three favorite things! The hunger games, friends, and j hutch :)

  • Rachel Shore

    Friends and the hunger games - Phoebe is so funny! :)

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