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    Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire | Haymarket Books

    • Archivez

      Islamophobia! Find out how we are being manipulated to fear an invisible enemy while the perpetrators profit mightily.

    • Zoltán Jánosi

      Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire | Haymarket Books

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    Google and the Culture of Search (Paperback) - Routledge 2012 by Ken Hillis, Michael Petit and Kylie Jarrett.

    SAGE: Privacy is Dead!: Long Live Privacy by Jo Glanville

    Rethinking Journalism: Trust and Participation in a Transformed News Landscape (Paperback) - Routledge

    In less than 24 hours, ISIS took responsibility for terror in Beirut, Baghdad and Paris. Understandably, social media quickly lit up as people sympathized (mostly with the French), pontificated and…

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    Howard Zinn Speaks (Hardcover): Collected Speeches 1963 to 2009 | Haymarket Books (geeking out)

    What is Media Archaeology? by Jussi Parikka

    The Work Of Art In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin Fantastic read, thought provoking philosophy

    ISIS: The State of Terror | Jessica Stern

    Arundhati Roy provides a revealing account of India's transformation into a police state which has accompanied the rise of neo-liberal economics and Hindu Nationalism.

    Intercultural Communication: Building a Global Community by Fay Patel.

    Representations of Global Poverty: Aid Development and International NGOs

    Hillary Clinton: 'We Created al-Qaeda' - YouTube

    Salon Radio: Remi Brulin Transcript -

    Why is the world ignoring the revolutionary Kurds in Syria? | David Graeber Amid the Syrian warzone a democratic experiment is being stamped into the ground by Isis. That the wider world is unaware is a scandal.

    The vice president’s problems began Thursday when he declared that the biggest problem in dealing with Syria and the rise of the Islamic State was America’s allies in the region.

    Obama’s House of Cards