Who Else Wants To Learn How To Use The Top Secret Photography Techniques To Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QByLY3VpUvo

use a coffee filter on your on-camera flash to diffuse light...never thought of such a cheap idea!

10 things your camera wishes you knew

Lighting Hacks

"Welcome to Photography 101! Our first lesson today is on exposure compensation."...Great article...I do think that some of the shadows made for a good picture as well though. :)

DIY Ring Flash

DIY Photography Hacks: why a blank CD case is the perfect rain guard for your lens | Digital Camera World This.

DIY Flash Diffuser AKA Barf Bag

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Photography hacks

grocery sack over the flash: this makes a great “lightbox” and helps spread the light across your kids face and cuts down on shadows

16 Camera Hacks To Turn Amateurs Photographers Into Professionals - OMG Facts - The World's #1 Fact Source, milk jug handle into a light diffuser.

I must have pinned this before but if not here it is. I read this months ago and it was the BEST. Now I know how to find the light when I try.

10 DIY lighting hacks

This is what happens when you hack a 93 year-old film camera with a Canon DSLR Very cool. Such sharp photographs :)

Learn the differences between speedlights and studio strobes for photography, and how to get started with lighting for CHEAP!

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diy http://www.shuttertalk.com/2006/03/putting-together-a-budget-diy-lighting-system.html

Polaroid 'Snap' Instant Digital Camera available at #Nordstrom