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I bought the big kids some popsicle sticks, glitter and some stuff to make ornaments for the Christmas tree. :)

DIY Popsicle Stick House... Maybe I could make it into a stable for my little ponies? (Good thing Christmas is a while away... Plenty of time to work it out)

I had my students do a popsicle project... I think I'll show them this so that they get motivated to make something awesome!

Pallet chair for your cell phone made from popsicle sticks.

This is a great project for the kids!  A doll house made entirely from popsicle sticks!  Building the house is half the fun.  Decorating with scraps and found objects that are as unlimited a...

Popsicle stick baskets

Dump A Day Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 39 Pics

A magazine Christmas Tree! How to: Get an old magazine with a good amount of pages in it (The bigger the better both tall and thick). Start to fold each page in to the center seam, using the top outter corner of the page. Make two folds in that pattern so that the page forms a lond triangular shape. Next tuck in the extra part of the page that hangs past the edge of the bottom half of the magazine, to form a flat surface. Continue doing this to all the pages until they are completely finished. Connect the first and last pages with tape or glue to create a full round tree. Last, cut out a star shape from any colored paper and glue it to a skinny popsicle stick and slid it into the center of the tree as a tree topper! Easy and so cute!