Fantastic idea!

FREE instructions/plans on how to build a loft/playhouse bed

Sesame Street Chair Desk

indoor playhouse

an adorable DIY playhouse. So doing this for my niece Arielle & my daughter Gabby!!

This is really cool. Website that shows you how to build a bunch of fun bunk beds

I'm So Fancy Tee - Various Colors

tutu curtains. OMG love.... WHY have I not yet thought of this!

Very lovely mom & daughter couple special occasion dresses. Every little girl wants her mom's closet!

indoor treehouse!

Swivel Vanity

my husband is building a loft bed for our little girl. I'm sooo excited!

Great space saver for a small room.

beds for kids

girls room, 2 beds below, playhouse with room for guest above

No need for dressers....uses the same space as a twin bed

I want to make this! DIY Furniture Plan from Stairs for the playhouse loft bed. Featuring lift top storage, behaving much like a large hidden toybox. Give your child easy safe access to their bed! Special thanks to Kimberly for sharing her

Nurseryworks Tree Bookcase in Green

Princess Palace Playhouse Bed

Full size Upgrade + $1200 Custom paint job is extra $2200 Staircase with drawers $800 Slide + delivery

good idea to spruce up my daughters princess loft!!!