54 wedding photos for photographers

Most of these are "duhs" on this wedding photo must have list but #7 bride laughing at speeches is a good one! :)

some cool ideas

Great ideas to incorporate into your wedding to ensure your event is fun and enjoyed by all!

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10 getting ready photos you absolutely need. Share these ideas with your photographer!

Wedding Photography: 50 Wedding Photos You Can't Do Without!TheKnot.com -

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80 POSES FOR COUPLES. Will definitely use some of these one day.

Beach Wedding Sign Nautical Wedding Decor Nautical Nursery Childrens Room Anniversary Home Décor Coastal Life If You Want to Know How Much I Love You Count The Waves In The Sea

So cute :)

The Ultimate Wedding Day Photo Checklist: Pin Now, Save For Later

Cute wedding photo!

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Wedding day tips

Much cuter than "Attending" and "Not Attending."

Wedding Photos

If your budget is no issue, and you are having problems deciding on your guest list, then this is a great diagram to follow! Although it is YOUR wedding and YOU make the rules, remember that your guests will still be in your life after your wedding-- will they cause YOU grief if they ARE there? --will it break their heart if they AREN'T there?

Twilighter - Perfect Wedding Shoes Manolo Blanhik

Traditions only matter if they are important to you. Here are 5 wedding traditions you can ( a couple you should) skip. Photo: Stacy Kokes wedding-ideas