DIY calendar - paint chips behind a frame, then use whiteboard markers

paint chip calendar

DIY picture frame

1. paint chips from like home depot 2. a large picture frame 3. dry erase markers dry erase board calender :)

DIY Hearts Shaped Paint Chip Art ... super duper love this idea!

Wipe off menu...add a section for grocery list too!

Line a cookie sheet with contact paper to make a magnet board. Useful and pretty! ... Why can I never think of these things?

omg.. seriously? Use an old VHS cover as a picture frame with hidden storage. pinterest, you never cease to amaze me...

This is a fabulous idea and looks pretty easy! Love would make a HUGE statement!


Paint chip calendar made from paint swatches and a glass frame. Use Expo markers to write atop, erase each month. Love this #DIY idea.

Cute DIY Paint Chip Calendar Idea | Things You Can Make Using Paint Chips & Cool Craft Project Ideas For Teens By DIY Ready.

Fridge Frames! DIY! Make yourself some fridge frames to jazz up the takeout menu or kids artwork, or whatever! Easy and quick craft! #tutorial

Use paint swatches, glass and a dry erase marker to make your own calendar. I will try a picture frame and make permanent name tags for the days of the week. Such a creative idea.

magnet board

I like this better than Flylady because it is more realistic in my mind.

Put a piece of line paper in a frame and with dry erase markers leave others notes

frame notebook paper, hot glue a bow, wrap with a dry erase marker ... viola! Perfect for a To Do list for your desk! cute!

looks easy to make

diy calendar

DIY Paint Chip Art