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    Rare Fine "Star of David" Spinel Crystal

    3y Saved to nature magic
    • Soula

      SPINEL(Σπινέλιος Spinel crystal It is a precious gem of transparent red, darkish and yellowish red. Red color of spinel is so close to ruby that quite a few spinels were wrongly mistaken as rubies in the past. Ruby popularly known as ‘Black Prince’ among the jewels of the British Brown is not actually a ruby but it is a red spinel. Spinel is good for financial gains and protects the wearer against unforeseen losses.

    • MysticHue

      Rare Fine "Star of David" Spinel Crystal | Buy #gemstones online at

    • Aligned Spirit Pilates

      Rare Fine "Star of David" Spinel Crystal Mineral Friends <3

    • Red Phoenix ( 丹鳳 ) Author

      RP: Spinel Crystal - with a rare fine 'Star of David'

    • The Gem Collection

      Rare Star of David Spinel Crystal #Gemstones #Spinel

    • Joseph Robredo Jr  (INTJ)

      Rare Fine "Star of David" Spinel Crystal

    • Erin Brennan

      Rare Spinel Crystal

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