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  • Charlie Chaplin2

    The 3 crater lakes of Mount Kelimutu on Indonesia's Flores Island are a haunting—and possibly haunted—sight. Considered to be the resting place for departed souls, the lakes are locally referred to as "the lake of old people," "the lake of young men and maidens," and "the lake of evil spirits." Bizarrely, all three lakes change color dramatically and unpredictably, from blue or green to black or red. Reaching the popular sight requires a long drive on a steep and winding road.

  • Mia Huymans

    10 Amazing Places on Earth: Reality or Computer Graphics? Or Lakes “evil spirits”, Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia. They are considered the resting place of the dead souls. But the most interesting thing in these lakes is that they change their color from blue to black, red or green. And every lake changes color independently of the other lakes.

  • Carol @ C~Side

    Lakes of Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia considered to be the resting place for departed souls, locally referred to as lakes of evil spirits, change color from blue, green, black or red unpredictably.

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