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OMG I don't think I've ever seen him in glasses....I really had no idea he could be even more handsome than he already is!

Patrick Dempsey is probably the classiest male actor i can think of. Started when he was young and has turned himself into a legend. I will swoon over you 'till the day I die..

Pretty certain if Matt and I ever have a son, his hair will look like this! (Pinning for several years down the road to see if I'm right haha!) Simon Baker with black glasses... nerdy and handsome. Nice hair too.

Chris Evans - he's hot but I still see him as Jake Wiler from Not Another Teen Movie. I'll never take him completely seriously.

Jon Hamm ~classically, elegantly handsome. he is pretty but, ENOUGH ok? I am OVER him and the misogyny that is MAD MEN