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O,daar ben ik weer, was even naar onderen gezakt maar hehe ik kan jullie gelukkig weer zien lb xxx˚

sleeping Bengal kitten. i will have a cat like this one day.

••••(KO) Mommy!!! Rescue me!!!! I am a pitiful kitty stuck in a tree! My strength is flagging! I die! Farewell, Mommy..... Hey! Are you coming to save me or not?...fine, then. I'll get down all by myself, pitiless hag! I am wounded, Madam! Wounded in the heart! I will need some crunchy treats to sustain me..... ooooooh! The fishy kind!!! Thanks, Mommy. I love you. Next, snuggles, ok?

Such a pretty #cat #baby cat|


Blue, chocolate, lilac & brown baby Burmese! ♥



nice picture


Cat Cappuccino ❤

Kitty cat gorgeous adorable. Oh. My Goodness.

Fluffy Calico!

Paige Likes pinterest // adorable.