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Volcanic eruption / Puyehue Chile (The heat and friction of the gas/ash cloud often produces violent lightning)

Love At First Sight - Mid-Pyrenees, France reminds me of The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman..... If you read the book you would know why.

Seeing lightning strike from a moving car...Photo by domestik, via Flickr

lightning strike whew! Strike while the Iron is Hot,

oh, my! Look at the lightning at the bottom!

Lightning striking the sea. I used to watch nightly thunderstorms over the Atlantic when I lived at Cape May.

Lightning. Giant bolts of electricity coming down from the sky to ruin the fuck out of your day! - j

☀stars - √ moonbow - √ lightning - √ one o'clock in the morning - √ by tmo-photo,

lightning. It looks like it's going from the ground to the sky