Leica IIIG (ca + Summarex (ca. with optional viewfinder and lens hood. Not something I would buy, but it is one beautiful camera, like most Leicas are.

Jaeger-LeCoultre. : 1938 compact 35mm Compass Camera by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Le Coultre Compass Camera Some vintage cameras are "steampunk-ish" enough not to require any additional tinkering. This one, for example, was made in the and manages to fit scores of features in the least possible space

Leica S1, 26MP digital scanning camera, 1996. Exposures took 185 seconds.

The First Digital Leica

JJC Auto Lens Cap for Panasonic Lumix Camera - Black. This JJC auto lens cap is an ultra-slim design and screws easily onto the lens. The three leafs will open automatically with the extension of the lens: so

Fancy - Ebony RSW45 Large Format Camera

What a beautiful field camera. (Apparently – with thanks to Iain Claridge – it’s an Ebony large format camera).

megu impress

Any coffee maker that makes my kitchen look like a chemistry lab is a winner in my book. The Hario Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker is a simple and clean machine, which apparently produces an incredibly smooth cup of coffee

Musically inclined

A hi-fi, a pile of old vinyls and a pair of headphones for that vintage musical bliss!