Write poems about popcorn and learn about onomatopoeia, repetition, & white space. Kids love this!

Rowdy in First Grade: Sensory Poetry

Poetry Ideas Galore

Popcorn Poetry-A Poem about the Five Senses {This Reading Mama}

Onomatopoeia poem! Love it!!

Fun Poetry with Kids – Repetition and Onomatopoeia

Poetry Terms


all kinds of adjectives... and a great site for teachers

Starting poetry soon...this would be an adorable Fun Friday/idea!

Use paint chips to write color poems.

more poetry ideas

A list of haiku poetry books to share with kids. A variety of books suitable for babies on up!

This is a GREAT short video to use as you begin your poetry unit!

Popcorn Descriptive Writing

Friendly letter poem

This download is a fun two-part lesson your students will LOVE! You can use popcorn to reinforce sensory details, adjectives and writing descriptiv...

Found Poetry and Word Sort

Bought these at the Dollar Tree! Now my White Board Cleaners LOVE their job!!!

A Profusion of Poems for Kids and How-to-Write-Poetry Games