Measuring Tape Bracelet

tape measure watch

Pencil bracelet... for a teacher gift?

creamy and white buttons


measuring tape zipper button bracelets

How cute is this???

Lacy bracelets with drop beads.

Sweet zipper heart #DIYaccessories

(::) Button bracelets from tape measure

DIY Clothespin Jewelry DIY Clothespin Jewelry

spoon crafts

Gemstone bracelet

Bracelet resin with floral inserts

DIY: ribbon and pearl strech bracelets

for rings that don't fit anymore

cute jewelry idea for spring

Wrap a paint roller in dark fabric: tuck in the ends and you have a bracelet "hump" (yes, that's the professional term ;) )

DIY Charm Bracelets

Ribbon and toggle. (So inexpensive to make.)