Sir Frederic Leighton, Flaming June

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My favorite painting: "Flaming June" by Lord Fredrick Leighton

Flaming June 1895 Sir Frederic Leighton Painted with oil paints on a x square canvas, it is widely considered to be Leighton's magnum opus, showing his classicist nature.


カミーユ・ピサロ Jacob Camille Pissarro : Boulevard Montmartre, effet de nuit : The National Gallery, London

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Lady Lilith

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Lady Lilith, oil on canvas, x Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington. Source Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Lady Lilith was commissioned in 1866 by Frederick Leyland.

Los amantes - Rene Magritte

Los amantes (Rene Magritte, 1928)

René Magritte /Les Amants, 1928 Öl auf Leinwand New York, The Museum of Modern Art

Mary Cassatt - Young Mother Sewing, 1900  -  "This painting reminds me of my happy moments as a little girl just watching mom sowing and it brings me a smile"

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"The Names upon the Harp" (c) P.J. Lynch Eithlinn

Irish Legends - birdsofrhiannon: Eithlinn in the tower by P. Lynch In Irish mythology, Ethniu (or Eithne) is the daughter of the Fomorian leader Balor, and the mother of Lugh. [The Names upon the Harp - Eithlinn - PJ Lynch]

Victorians loved reading fiction novels. They provided entertainment, stimulated the imagination, and helped shape progressive thinking.

Auguste Toulmouche (French, Woman in blue reading. "Dans la Bibliotheque" (In the Library) painted in 1872 ----------------------------------------------------- I know it's a painting - but I WANT that dress!

maxfield parrish sleeping beauty

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