Succulent Planter

PVC pipe planter

I *knew* Pinterest would give me upcycling ideas for the 20 coffee cans on the top of my fridge that I can't throw away! (Yes, it was 50 cans-gave 30 to church for arts and crafts :) coffee can garden; Rosping

What a good idea....


13 Planter Ideas for Your Container Garden @Vanessa Samurio Samurio Samurio Samurio Mayhew & CraftGossip

Lots of good planting schemes for containers and gardens

Planters, great for our back room

Stone PAVERS become stone PLANTERS. Cement planters can be so expensive.

container garden with #geraniums summer planter - I think the light & dark leaves add interest, and I've always loved the pink/purple combo.

vintage bath tub planter The designer for the Pasadena Showcase House restaurant, Corianne Bright, put together this lovely planting in an old vintage footed bath tub, it was really lovely.

Upcycle books.

self watering planter made from recycled wine bottle

Planter made from an old doll

Chair planter - Hot pink geraniums, purple, white striped petunias & chartreuse sweet potato vine.

Head Planter

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Rope planter