A cheetah.had the opportunity to pet one, many moons ago at what used to be the Bridgetown Save Easy. We bought a deck of cards that had the owner and cheetah's picture on them.I'll always remember this

30+ Examples of Shallow Depth of Field Photography

30+ Examples of Shallow Depth of Field Photography

Shallow depth of field, bokeh and a cat. what more could you ask for in a photograph?

Baby Cheetah

Cub: 'I love you so-o-o much, mum. (snuggle, snuggle) Mum: 'And I love you too, my precious one. Thank you for keeping my nose warm.

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The world’s most beautiful animal is human. Yes, man is the most beautiful animal on earth or perhaps that is what humans would want to hear. When I asked the question, what is the world’s most beautiful animal, majority of respondents pointed.

That dude back there is my buddy.  I've been teaching him to sing and he wanted his friend to hear.    -(Name here) The AWESOME

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Cheetah Art Photograph - Black and White Photography - Nature Wall Decor - Monochrome Fine Art - Animal Photography

**On the lookout.

Just last week, Monarto Zoo introduced its Cheetah cub to the public for the first time. Until that time, the cub remained off exhibit in quarantine. In order to ensure a successful debut, keepers implemented a rigorous training plan.

Animals with Heart Shaped Markings | ... Wolf : 17 Photos Of Amazing Animals Born With Heart Shaped Markings

Cheetah cub portrait (by Nicole Dangoor) Love the heart shaped nose!

Cheetah - by Roger de La Harpe. Phinda / Munyawana / Zuka Game Reserves. KwaZulu Natal. South Africa.

I love Cheetah's. Reminds me when I was little and had the amazing opportunity to pet one :)