wedding cake idea...cheesecake on the bottom and hugacious chocolate chip cookies with a yummy filling.. cream cheese maybe?? drizzled with caramel, and love the purple fruit and flowers!

fig, caramel, walnut and goat cheese cake//

Carrot Fig Cake


Fig cheesecake

hummingbird cake with edible flowers

pretty rustic naked cake | S’more Sweets, Plenty of Petals

Honey-colored caramel dripping down a naked wedding cake and topped with fresh fruit. Beautiful to look at and delicious to eat.


Fig, mozzarella and cranberries "caprese" style salad

chocolate blueberry cake

black bread, olive oil, honey, goat cheese, figs

homemade herb wedding cake

Beautiful Cake Layers

pretty doughnuts

omg that cake...

Fig sandwich

cured meats, goat cheese & figs

watermelon 'cake'