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P&S Pots | Pop & Scott

Bookcase via the designfiles.net

Pop & Scott Workshop Cooperative

The Melbourne home of Simone Haag, via thedesignfiles.net. Photos by Sean Fennessy.

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The home of Fiona Bateman via thedesignfiles.net

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Dinosaur Designs home library... and Eames chair! Via thedesignfiles.net

Dinosaur Designs home via thedesignfiles.net

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Dinosaur Designs... kitchen... via thedesignfiles.net

Plant pots & stands

Colourful Coolangatta home via thedesignfiles.net

Colourful Coolangatta home via thedesignfiles.net

Mark Tuckey Home - kitchen via thedesignfiles.net

Pop & Scott Workshop Co operative

The Melbourne home of Madeleine and Jeremy Grummet and Family. Photo – Eve Wilson. Production – Lucy Feagins on thedesignfiles.net

Pop and Scott, http://popandscott.com. Styling: Poppy Lane. Photography: Lisa Sorgini.

Colourful Coolangatta home via thedesignfiles.net