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toddler with swag! I just died! I hope I'm half as awesome as this mom! Check out her blog!

____/\_____/\______/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/_________________________ . (oh that's just a chart of my heart rate after seeing this picture)

I'm in love with this outfit. Camden will definitely have this on as soon as he's able to walk.

Ahhh! Jesse! If we have kids and have a boy - they will totally dress like this :)

I wish I could get my little guy to leave his sunnies on! CUTE

ahh omg!! joshua would look freakin adorable in all of these!! uncle miguel would be proud :D

This was pinned with the caption "The ultimate boys birthday cake!" Which may be partially accurate, but to which I take issue. This is the ultimate superhero nerd cake (but swap out Superman for Iron Man). Gender non-specific.

i can't even come up with a caption to describe how cute this kid is