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Learn how to build your children's vocabulary without artificial lists

Onomatopoeia is fun to say--and onomatapoeic words can give your writing a sense of "boom boom pow," words which are themselves examples of onomatopoeia.

So good to know! There are actually a few of these I didn't know, and there are a few I have a hard time remembering.

Onomatopoeia! A great list of words for sounds.

Want to use the perfect word to describe a color? Check out this Color Chart. (It also lists colors by name and HTML color code)

Love this fall leaf word tree. This one is used for high-frequency sight words, but it would also be great for a Fall Word Bank.

Apple-themed word banks for fun fall writing projects!

Awesome visual Color Thesaurus for helping kids identify and use color words more precisely in their writing.

Great example of why students should vary sentence length!

Children who have rich vocabularies and who are given the opportunity to learn new words have a much higher academic success rate.

Synonym Word Wall (please link if you know the original source)

100 Words High School Freshman Should Know (with link to a free quiz)

A pocket chart word bank can help kids choose strong, descriptive synonyms instead of weak, overused, or tired words.

Persuasive Writing - Choosing emotional words over intellectual ones

Free Ways to Say 'Went' Display Poster.

Using lively, concrete verbs helps students paint a vivid word picture in the reader's mind

100 Non-adverbs that end with -ly

Palindromes ("mirror image" words and phrases) are fun to read and write with kids! Fun family palindrome activity to try, too.

Silly Sentences ~ great game for reading, but also for learning how to write good sentences | Mothers Madness

FREE Graphic Organizer for Teaching Adjectives to Young Writers helps younger children add description to their writing. {via This Reading Mama}

Vocabulary Books to excite kids to learn new words! {}

Verbs Verbs Verbs! Search for verbs in magazines and have kids make a collage of action words.

A book about the love of words

Printable Word Games for family fun!

Apple-themed word banks will add fun to fall writing projects!