Poetry can be FUN when you teach kids to listen for words and sounds that make children's poetry special! #nationalpoetrymonth

Children "read" this poster to practice how to change their voice when seeing punctuation in stories. Love this idea!

Reference minibook of figures of speech or poetic devices. So great!

websites loaded with poetry lessons and printables

Minecraft writing prompts that will inspire kids to describe, make lists, compare and contrast, and write diary entries {via WriteShop} - pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit  ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins

Looking for some books for kids? Check out this awesome list of read alouds for first graders - picture books, chapter books, and poetry!

Poetry for Kids

Gigglepoetry.com features funny poetry for kids to enjoy!

Great read for parents and teachers to help children learn the value of being respectful by listening and waiting for their turn to speak. The book also teaches children a witty technique to hold on to their thoughts for sharing at an appropriate time. Have fun reading!

Teaching Poetry

The students in this book wrote poems about their favorite features and explained why this was the most 'unique and special' part of them. We could take pictures of our favorite features, write rough drafts and final copies of our poems, and post them for the school to see what makes us who we are.

Poetry - This is a great book for teaching manners in a fun way. It has exaggerated pictures and crazy stories that can be very fun for children.

Poetry activities, how to teach, etc., lots of resources on all things poetic for children

Fabulous in Fourth!: Similes and metaphors...with student activity

Teach Your Child How to Write a Haiku « Imagination Soup Fun Learning and Play Activities for Kids

I Teach Dual Language

12 Great Free Keyboarding Games to Teach Kids Typing ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Here's a quick review or reference sheet for students to use during a poetry unit.  I love teaching poetry and love to give the kids a chance to make up their own examples of figurative language and poetry terms.  Often, I give out 4-5 whiteboard pens to the students and ask them to write an examp

Funny poetry for children

Get kids excited about poetry with these 12 free websites of children's poetry and interactive poem builders. These sites of verse - and dozens...

Figurative Language_Concrete Poetry Snowman example -- expository text examples 3rd grade --