"I Am" poem - beautiful way to combine poetry with an art project!

Great fun...would be fun to do with a name and characteristics with kids at the beginning of the year

Me, With My Head in the Clouds: A Few Things

Do an art project with colors and lines, then cut it up and glue back on paper in a new arrangement.

This is definitely happening as our first project for level 2 art! Hits so many great concepts in one without being overwhelming. Could combine with drawing in place of photo of student by teaching proportions of face and b&w reversal.

I Am Poems and paintings

Book page poetry is really neat and a great way to show creativity with older kids

Brighten up your room with this "I am" Art Project

I am Poem

Birds for the wall

Make Free-Fall Foreshortening Art! (Did this while subbing with all different age groups for years- a big hit!)

Fibonacci Art Project from @momandkiddo

Dandelion Poetry Project...combining creative writing and visual arts..."dandelion wishes"

I am poem good copy idea

In this activity students create a picture that has rotational symmetry, using their name as their starting point. It is a great activity to add to your relief teacher folder because it does not require any photocopying. The only materials needed are white paper & textas or coloured pencils to decorate.

Oh the Places You Will Go!--I love the idea of having students make their own baloons and having a string hanging from it and a paper about the places they will go. Such a great book.

Picasso people!

Art Projects for Kids: How to Draw a Pumpkin Tutorial

susangaylord.com: Bookmaking Projects I've now spent an hour on Susan's site! What a great project to make a color poem!

Art Projects for Kids: Abstract Flower Drawing