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I am doing Fun Friday with Art and this would be awesome! Runde's Room: Friday Art Feature - I Am ...

OMG- yesss!!! (Then display the artwork at the restaurant!!) Excited to let the patrons see my babies' mad skills!! Sombreros- Cinco De Mayo

Symmetry. We love this delightful symmetry project. Thanks for posting it from Mrs. Judd's Games

Ocean art project using student photos - great for an Ocean theme!

from Runde's Room: Friday Art Feature - I have done similar ideas with a blank center for poems etc but I love this colour verus black and white - so visually appealling

winter art - would be great for Kindergarten shape house lesson!

Could create this for many purposes; the creator did it as a way to document plans. I was thinking of using it for beginning year, getting to know you, establishing class agreements. I love the use of color, symbols, words- what a beautiful artifact for a classroom.

What would you keep in a jar? Art project for any age. Make "how to draw jar" sheet for sub perhaps. Be creative. Use your imagination.

fond encre + eau motricité fine écaille poisson chevauchées gommettes les lettres du prénom (PS) à remettre dans l'ordre!

I did this a little bigger with a group of young students that had autism. It turned out great and the kids loved the project!

Black Glue and Watercolor Resist from Pink and Green Mama blog

Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by Morgan3214