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The Challenge of Creating a Sense of Place with a Brand (by John Kerswell). Communicate a feeling. What’s the spirit of the place? What vibe can you expect once you get there? How will it change the way you see the world? Some of most iconic destination brands have been built around attitude. Create a single message that every story to tell can ladder out from. But you must do it all in a distinctive way. #placebranding #placemarketing

"Brand Storytelling And The Hero Of Your Brand" (Branding Strategy Insider). Like any good story that teaches and informs us about a higher ideal, brand storytelling is about the higher purpose of why the hero exists and why we should care. These same principles can be applied to destination branding / place branding.

"Cities – The New Super Brands of Destination Marketing" (DESTINATE) - Successful cities of the future will be standout urban centres delivering benefits to residents and visitors alike. They will not be defined by their size alone but by their ability to capture the imagination and define themselves as having a unique sense of place; not perfect, but livable, interesting and real places.


10 Reasons Visual Content Will Dominate 2014

10 Reasons Visual Content Will Dominate 2014. Use of visual content is important for place branding and place marketing.

Swing Parks: A New Idea for Placemaking (Parksify). When Patrick McDonnell had the idea to create pop-up swing sets in empty parking lots, he set out to face the challenge of making it affordable so that anyone could create what he calls SWING PARKS. “Why not put a swing set in an empty parking lot, so that the space could be useful and active after market hours—and yet still be used as a parking lot during the day and weekends,” McDonnell asked. #placebranding

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How to Make Crosswalks Artistically Delightful

Crosswalks can become engaging spectacles for #placebranding your neighborhood, community, city, or tourist destination.


The New Rules of Public Art

The New Rules of Public Art: DON’T MAKE IT FOR A COMMUNITY. CREATE A COMMUNITY. Community is rarely born out of geography, but rather out of common purpose. As Brian Eno once said, “sometimes the strongest single importance of a work of art is the celebration of some kind of temporary community.”

Treat Place Branding as Change Management, Not Design. (Soydanbay) The success rate of a place branding project is less than 15%. Most place branding initiatives are prematurely ended within a year of introduction. If we insist on treating place branding as a visual exercise, then we would state that the logo is the key deliverable. But for a place branding project to be successful, the focus should be on engagement, not design.

Lessons from Branding a Destination: Your People Influence the Touch-points of Your Destination (by Jaid Hulsbosch). Locals must be able to identify with your place's brand and be aligned to the brand’s vision and values. A strong destination brand creates a virtuous circle that makes it a desirable place to live and do business. #placebranding #placemarketing

"Why 'Place' is the New American Dream" (Robert Steuteville | Better Cities & Towns). In the new American Dream, the incentive is enjoyment and participation in the economic benefits of Place. To create that, a community must be brought together. When you go to a community with layers of history, with charm and character, where many people gather, you react emotionally and psychologically. That feeling, “sense of place,” has value. And people seek that.

"It takes a #place to create a community, and a #community to create a place." Rooted in community-based participation, #Placemaking is how we collectively shape our public realm to maximize shared value. Placemaking facilitates creative patterns of activities and connections (cultural, economic, social, ecological) that define a place and support its ongoing evolution. An effective Placemaking process capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential.

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Creating the Perfect Social Media Posts and Updates (INFOGRAPHIC

How To Create The Perfect Pinterest, Google+, Facebook & Twitter Posts [Infographic]

"Place Brand Identity Versus Place Brand Image" (The Burghard Group). Your place image is how your target audience thinks about your location. Identity is very different. Identity is what your location really is. It can be very different than how your location is perceived. Identity includes the assets and regulations of your place as well as the attitudes of your residents. Identity is all about an objective look in the mirror. photo…

Public places play a key role in building community and placemaking can empower local communities to create a sense of "belonging" through place. A new report by a DUSP research team, led by Susan Silberberg, examines the interactions between placemaking, community participation, and the expanding ways communities are collaborating to make great public places.

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How To Optimise Your Landing Page

Gotta have a great landing page to nurture and convert all that traffic your business is driving via social media.