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Destination bland? The challenge of creating a sense of place with a brand.

Every year urban developers, cities and whole countries spend thousands of dollars trying to distil everything they stand for into a simple, engaging brand. They go in search of distinctiveness, in...
  • David Gross

    Bland hopes to join Dull and Boring - Perth & Kinross / Local / News / The Courier

  • Rob Wolfe - Connected Places Global

    The Challenge of Creating a Sense of Place with a Brand (by John Kerswell). Communicate a feeling. What’s the spirit of the place? What vibe can you expect once you get there? How will it change the way you see the world? Some of most iconic destination brands have been built around attitude. Create a single message that every story to tell can ladder out from. But you must do it all in a distinctive way. #placebranding #placemarketing

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