Artist Disappears in the Background of Her Works Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes uses a mix of make-up, paint and costumes to make herself disappear in her own paintings. Like the real-life invisible man, Liu Bolin, she is a master of blending-in the background.

Artist Disappears in the Background of Her Works

This incredible work by Zaria Forman looks unbelievably realistic! If we didn't know better, we'd think these drawings were actual photographs. Click to see more of her work.

WOAH! In the last picture I don't see him!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck is with this stupid pin like it ripped me off what's the point of painting a man and then not showing it in a place where his clothes match the colors!? STUPID

The chromatic typewriter. I need one.

These are drawings... How amazing!

Shadow Play Photographic print by paper artist, Elly MacKay (original scene made with ink on paper + dollhouse paper) Printed on archival

Done by Alexa Meade. That is a real person. There is a whole bunch of these people who look like they've been painted! So cool!


Chris Buzelli

cool. but this was what me and my brother did to the family photo album when we were young.

Moon Dancer Energy Painting - Giclee Print Signed By Julia Watkins. $48.00, via Etsy.

Art/Landscape quilt - Valériane Leblond

nidhi chanani

Ink underwater by Italian artist and photographer Alberto Seveso.

French artist Francois Abelanet has created huge works that trick the mind into thinking you’re thousands of feet up. | Giant 3-D Street Art Will Make You Feel A Little Weak At The Knees

My gosh, I love this artist… Mbour (Sénégal) // C215, via Flickr #streetart #stencil

<3<3 "Sister" by Tireless Artist, via Flickr -- 'Sister - an art doll from midsummer' { + a little 3cm tall rat 'a best friend following her in her journeys'} #artdolls #doll #dolls

Meet the Artist Behind Those Amazing, Hand-Knitted Playgrounds

Wolf Art Print Painting Wolves Timber Woods Gray Brown Animals Nature Wildlife CANVAS Ready To Hang Large Artwork FREE Shipping S/H on Etsy, $135.00